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this site is under construction and should in the future create the opportunity to create and order your own pair of  Made to Measure jeans. The style of jeans you want and the fitting you want , based on the body measurements you give us. It is also our mission to produce these jeans in Belgium and in a way that we have a very low environmental impact. JOTL stands for "jeans of the loom" which means that after the weaving (on the loom) we skip some production steps so that we reduce the environmental impact. We keep you informed on our progress.

in this phase we are preparing to offer  2 types of jeans

BASIC jeans : these jeans are made folowing a style given by us 

CUSTOMIZED jeans : these jeans (in future) will be made following the choice of the client who can chose different styles of legs, backpockets,  frontpockets, belts, fly's ...

these categories we devide also in 2 types of measurmentbases 

MTM  jeans : made to measure jeans, these are manufactured based on a series of measurments, body measurments of the client and requirements for the pair of jeans

STD  jeans : standard jeans that are based on a measurment chart that is used for standard jeans , here we only need the belt size and innerleglenght, all other measurments will be based on standard measurments.


  1. made to measure
  2. low environmental impact
  3. forward to basic
  4. woven to fit (testing)

The JOTL team


100 % chain stitched  exept bar tacks

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how to convert cm  sizes to inch sizes   you find  here

150,00 €
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